3 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Toothbrushes

3 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Toothbrushes

Previous to this website I had taken a few small steps toward living zero-waste and eco-friendly.  I honestly don’t recall how I found BAM but when I told my husband he said – do it!

I have to buy 4 toothbrushes regularly.  I have never actually found one brand I loved though.  Whenever I shop for tooth-brushes I find there are sooo many options and I don’t particularly like any of them.  I also find them incredibly expensive for cheap plastic intended to be disposed of every few months.  The manufacturers are able to jack-up the prices for kids brushes by putting Spiderman and cartoon characters on the brush.  (To be fair the cute characters did help to get kids interested in brushing their teeth.)

Toothbrushes have become Enemy #1 in ocean ecology and sustainability.

3 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Toothbrushes

ONE According to National Geographic a billion toothbrushes will be thrown in the garbage in one year!  That is solely in the USA.  In Canada and hundreds of other countries we use plastic toothbrushes at the same rates per capita.  Every toothbrush on the earth will last here forever and often end up in the ocean choking the whales and dolphins and porpoises.   They are not recyclable due to the size, shape and sometimes the rubber mixed in the handle.

TWO Scientist estimate the oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050.  READ THAT AGAIN!  I will be 66 years old when this happens! My kids will be having their own kids.  My Grandchildren will inherit an ocean full of trash.  

THREE The good news is this was the easiest thing to change in my life!  So easy that I forgot that I already had a perfect example of living green easily. More and more companies are making bamboo products and you can find a sustainable not plastic toothbrush near you!

We signed up for a BAM family pack that ships to us regularly. The kids were still a bit too little for the BAM size brush so they were using plastic toothbrushes still up until now. 

5 things I love about my BAM brushes


The brush handle is made of bamboo and fully biodegradable!  It is important to note that the bristles are not fully biodegradable and should be removed before you dispose into a biodegradable bin.  Bamboo is a renewable resource and harvesting it has minimal environmental impact.

You can also burn the brushes if you have a traditional wood burning fireplace or firepit. 


This is a huge win win.  I spend the same amount of money as I would buying plastic tooth brushes so it costs me $0 to be environmentally friendly.  Also if I find my brushes lasting me longer and my new shipment arrives (happened since the kids weren’t using theirs yet) then I can skip a shipment.


The package is biodegradable and it comes in a recyclable brown envelope.  


I’ve been using them for almost two years and my teeth are clean and healthy.  The brush is soft so it doesn’t cause damage to my gumline (previously an issue for me after pregnancy!)


Based in Victoria BC these brushes are local to me reducing shipping costs and emissions and supporting a small business. The bamboo comes from China but so did the plastic toothbrushes so I suppose that is a net zero.

You can find your own local toothbrush or try something different like a reusable handle, water pic or other

Here’s the summary

Earthly Impact

You can save estimated 300 plastic toothbrushes in your lifetime.  Multiply that by your number of family members!

Financial Impact

It should cost you no more or no less than plastic toothbrushes if you by the typical name brand regularly.  If you buy the no name brand there will be an increase in cost.  The BAM brushes I use last longer than the suggested toss date (3 to 4 months according to dentists) so no worries about replacing them more often than the grocery store brush.

Community Challenge:

Find a sustainable toothbrush option for your home. Consider taking it step further by finding toothpaste that comes in a recyclable container. BAM also offers eco friendly toothpaste options!

Don’t forget to check out our quick eco tips site for more ideas and join the community!

Note: not a paid sponsorship in anyway.  Just love my BAM brushes!

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