Can I be imperfectly green?

Can I be imperfectly green?

Kite Flying at East Beach White Rock BC

When starting a blog a good rule is to write about what you know.  I’m not known to be a rule follower.

Living in BC I am amazed daily by the beauty that surrounds me. We walk almost daily to the ocean and can’t get enough of the fresh air and icecream. While blessed to live on the West Coast ultimately I’m an ordinary imperfect woman.  “Mommy” to two curly haired boys, and a “wifey” to a perfect (seemingly unlikely) match.  I work full time, I’m overweight (so they tell me) and  I know I curse a little too much.  I’m emotional often caring too much or pretending not to care.  All the desirable and undesirable things that I am there is one I want to change. 

I want to change my impact in the environment, the oceans and the world I’m leaving behind for my babies.  But guess what?  It’s a lot harder than I thought!

This is my invitation to you to be imperfect with me on my journey to living green. 

Belief in Change

I’ve held a belief for a long time about the seeds of change and how we grow. Despite this belief showing up in my life in many ways I failed to fully reflect on what it truly means. I like to keep busy. Not active necessarily but busy.  Work, continuing education, parenting, volunteering, home projects and reading… anything to keep my mind and body occupied.  Can you relate? But busy does not allow for creative thoughts to flow and more importantly it does not have space for self-reflection.  Introspection creeps in and I manage to busy it away. Which is probably why I get so defensive when someone tells me to meditate or practice Yoga.  ‘When?’  I exclaim!  As if I were the only busy person on Earth.

I don’t expect to change my busy nature anytime soon, but I would love to shift the focus of my energy.

So here is the belief I’m ready to live and honour: I believe in community and that all meaningful change comes from a grass roots level.  You may hold this belief in your own heart too.  Grass roots change refers to ordinary people making small changes in their lives.  The summation of small changes becomes big change and the summation of big changes becomes a movement.  Truly the only meaningful change the world has seen comes from the people of the world.  It is often helped along by ideology or government intervention such as legislation.  Of course, that does not mean that all change is good but that all good change can be created by communities.

Its safe to assume you have a busy life too.  So I am shifting my busy nature to help both you and I. I am researching and sharing with you small changes that we can make every day. The earthly impact, the financial impact and the personal impact.  I don’t want going green to be so difficult! Everywhere I turn the easy answer is the wrong answer and I don’t want it to be that way anymore.

Why the environment and why now?

I always feel like I can’t make a difference.  When countries are burning coal and so much damage is already done I feel like – why bother?  Then I remind myself that is exactly the problem!  If we all said “Let’s Try” instead of “Why bother” – we can make a difference.  Here are a few things that make me want to bother.

By 2050 they estimate the ocean will hold more plastic than fish…

Polar Ice Caps are melting 6x faster than 40 years ago…

Our access to food, clean water and oxygen are all directly reliant on the oceans and threatened by our current lifestyle…

What is a Green Roots Community?

Are you doing your best everyday but still wishing you could do better for mother nature? Will you be part of my community of people who want to effect grassroots change for our world, for mother nature, the oceans and for future generations? 

As a community we can make this easier.  You can start today by checking out some easy tips and tricks in the menu of this site.  Pick one that speaks to you and start there. 

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Your small change can make a big difference, and our combined efforts can change the world.

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