Start easy and economical with Cotton & Bamboo Rounds

Start easy and economical with Cotton & Bamboo Rounds

There is always a step small enough

from where we are to get us where we want to be…

-Ellen Langer

I’m not very good at sticking to my guns with big changes.  I’m fairly set in my ways and already juggling work, family, motherhood, social (distanced) life and everything that goes along with it.  This blog is holding me accountable on being the change I want to see.  I know its all about taking the first steps – so let’s start easy and economical with cotton & bamboo rounds.

While the pandemic has drastically reduced my make-up wearing, I still wear and remove cosmetics very frequently. I also tone and blemish control the one thing that hasn’t changed about my body since I was 16 – my sensitive prone to break-outs skin.  (I did not grow out of this despite the reassurance that I would!)   What are you using to remove your makeup?  I am tearing through cotton pads. I know I still have friends using make-up remove wipes, cotton balls and baby wipes.  They come in plastic packaging and go into the garbage bag.  Yet it is really such an easy thing to change! 

Reusable Make-up Remover Pads are underrated!  They are affordable and come in adorable colours if you want to coordinate with your goddess make-up table or ensuite! They are most popular in cotton and bamboo.  You can get them locally made in pretty much any city.  I live in Fraser Valley BC so I tried out a few Canadian options.  Here are the details:

My First Trial of Cotton & Bamboo Rounds

Organic Bamboo and Cotton by La Petite Leonne

I was immediately excited to find La Petite Leonne because not only do they use organic bamboo but also natural dyes.  Handmade in Montreal Quebec these eco-luxurious and soft make up remover pads work great for the entire face.  I find with the ultimate softness they double as a great facecloth for my little one’s sensitive skin.  The kids claimed one each already to wash the sleep from their eyes in the morning.  I can use them with face wash or make up remover for just my eyes or my entire face as they are similar texture to a bamboo facecloth. 

La Petite Leonne on Etsy

Cotton Crochet rounds from Strings & Things BC

I have seen reusable rounds like these before but I always thought they would be rough.  I was totally wrong!  The cotton rounds are incredibly soft and come in 3 beautiful colours.  I can take off heavy eyeliner and mascara without any discomfort.  The thickness allows them to absorb more makeup remover product so they are truly ideal for dark eye make up.  I rinse the pad as I go so I can use the other side for removing foundation. 

Strings & Things on Etsy

Washing your reusable eco-rounds

Both products can be tossed in the washing machine with cold water wash.  I use a net bag.  I just add them to my existing ‘bra bag’ that I now use for face masks every week.  I have more than enough reusable rounds now to last me well over a week but if you choose to buy a set of 7 you’ll need to wash them regularly.

Neither of these pads are ideal for nail polish removal or other harsh chemicals.  Keep your leftover disposable rounds if you are a nail polish wearer.  Personally, I just buff my nails and avoid the chemicals except for the occasional wedding. 

Earthly Impact

If I wear make up and use cotton pads for 45 years that is 16,425 cotton pads contributed to the landfill.  Multiply the total as needed for toners, bodacious mascara that needs a little extra or other household members.  Add the plastic packages for an 80 pack and that is 205 additional pieces of trash we can easily reduce!

It’s fair to assume disposable wipes have a similar impact although I don’t use them personally.

Organic Cotton & Bamboo.  Did you know cotton is grown with excessive amounts of pesticides that infect soil, ecosystems and can run off into rivers?  It also uses excessive amounts of water to keep massive cotton crops producing.  Choosing BAMBOO and ORGANIC COTTON helps the earth in many ways.  If you want to learn more check out this quick You Tube Video

Financial Impact

Cotton Balls are usually inexpensive $3 a bag so buying reusable rounds will cost a bit more up front.  They are designed to be washed and last 2 years.  If you aren’t a big make-up wearer consider only putting a few of your rounds in rotation to start and keep the other ones for later to make them last longer.  Overall you can save money or at very least break even using soft reusable cotton or bamboo rounds.

Make-Up Wipes or Moist Toilette Wipes are quite a bit more expensive. With 25 or 30 to a package they are around $8.00!  That is $5,256 that you could be spending on other super awesome green products. Making the switch is a big Money & Earth saver from make-up wipes to reusable rounds.

Community Challenge

Find a cotton or bamboo facial wipe made in your province or state. Get a set of at least 7 if you use them regularly.  I now have 18 and it is more than enough since I tried different options for this post.  Share your tips tricks in the comments section here or on our Facebook Page so our Green Roots Community can learn together.

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