Join the Community!

As a community we have common goal but more importantly we have common values.

The Community Is

For all genders: The title is about my identity and the way I fit motherhood and my green journey together. You don’t have to be a mother or a women to be in our community!

Self Paced: Your journey is personal. Stay on course with new challenges as they are presented or create a timeline that works for your lifestyle.

Supportive: It is okay to share your green challenges, difficulties and even failures. Failure isn’t permanent and we can always try again.

Inclusive: The only requirement of this community is live on Earth and care about Earth. All cultures and creeds are welcomed and respected.

100% online and virtual

The Community is not…

A place to share personal beliefs. As we strive to be inclusive we keep our topic solely on our Green Roots journey.

A Place to make sales or conduct business.

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